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Updated: Aug 19, 2021

When brides reach out to me, a lot of them ask me the same question. What colors of flowers should I choose? Here are some tips for your if you are deciding the colors on your wedding flowers!

🔸 Tip 1: Choose a base color

Your primary base color will be the one that's used most prominently throughout your wedding. The base color can be anything from soft blush pink or peach to elegant navy blue, punchy yellow, or even dramatic jade green, depending on the overall vibe you want to create. Pick a color that flatters you!

🔸 Tip 2: Think about your wedding season

If you're feeling stuck when choosing a color palette, look to your wedding season for a bit of inspiration.

Darker tones like emerald green, plum purple, navy blue, and burgundy red for cold weathers.

Bold brighter tones for summer weddings.

Pastel hues for springtime weddings.

🔸 Tip 3: Consider your venue

Visualize your venue and its surroundings. Are you getting married in a modern hotel? a Japanese garden? or a winery? Different venue gives off different moods and personalities. Imagine how your color palette can fit into your venue.

❤️ I hope these can help you to find wedding color palette!

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